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We exist to represent the united voice of Liverpool’s world-renowned hospitality industry. With over 57,000 people working in the hospitality industry, generating on average £4.9bn a year, the sector in Liverpool celebrates and supports the individuals who make it the exciting and rewarding place it is to work.


A catalyst for growth and development, the people who work in the hospitality industry are the lifeblood of any successful bar, restaurant or hotel – that’s why it is so important to promote, invest and develop not only the sector, but also the 57,000 people who strive to make it the inspiring industry it is.


Contributing to the development of the Hospitality industry and the people who work within it, YSYL is stronger when we work together.

About Us

So, who are YSYL? We exist to represent the communal voice of the Liverpool hospitality industry, promote the sector, help boost the visitor economy and lobby the industry on behalf of the people who work in Liverpool’s most famous bars, restaurants and hotels.


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